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Season 2

S2, Ep1

8 Sep. 1966

The Singing Mountie

Shades of Nelson Eddy as a singing Mountie shows up looking for Agarn’s French Canadian cousin.


S2, Ep2

15 Sep. 1966

How to Be F Troop Without Really Trying

Everyone in F Troop is transferred except for Agarn who must train the new troops that are worse than his comrades.


S2, Ep3

22 Sep. 1966

Bye, Bye, Balloon

Fort Courage is visited by a Prussian balloonist.


S2, Ep4

29 Sep. 1966

Reach for the Sky, Pardner

Agarn and O’Rourke volunteer to guard the replacement payroll after the first one is stolen.


S2, Ep5

6 Oct. 1966

The Great Troop Robbery

A trickster tries to get Agarn blamed for his robberies.


S2, Ep6

13 Oct. 1966

The West Goes Ghost

Four F Troopers take over a ghost town hoping to get rich when the railroad finally comes through.


S2, Ep7

20 Oct. 1966

Yellow Bird

A white woman raised by Indians starts to take after the Captain.


S2, Ep8

27 Oct. 1966

The Ballot of Corporal Agarn

The two candidates for mayor of Passaic New Jersey, Agarn’s hometown, come out West to get his vote since the election was tied and they need his absentee ballot to break the tie.


S2, Ep9

3 Nov. 1966

Did Your Father Come from Ireland?

While Sgt. O’Rourke is off on a horse buying mission, his father, Morgan O’Rourke, arrives from Ireland at Fort Courage and unintentionally raises havoc at the fort and even the Hakawi camp.


S2, Ep10

10 Nov. 1966

For Who the Bugle Tolls

A visiting Colonel judges a troop by its bugler and Fort Courage has the world’s worse.


S2, Ep11

17 Nov. 1966

Miss Parmenter

Wilton’s sister has eyes for the company bugler.


S2, Ep12

24 Nov. 1966

La Dolce Courage

An Italian father and daughter visit Fort Courage pursued by a spurned lover.


S2, Ep13

1 Dec. 1966

Wilton, the Kid

Kid Vicious, a dead ringer for Captain Parmenter, comes to town.


S2, Ep14

8 Dec. 1966

The Return of Wrongo Starr

Natural jinx Wrongo Starr returns driving a load of dynamite.


S2, Ep15

15 Dec. 1966

Survival of the Fittest

Parmenter and Agarn go on a survival test where O’Rourke makes sure that they can find food.


S2, Ep16

22 Dec. 1966

Bring on the Dancing Girls

Agarn and O’Rourke go after the man that swindled them out of their saloon.


S2, Ep17

29 Dec. 1966

The Loco Brothers

Two renegade Indians captured Captain Parmenter, but are just looking for company.


S2, Ep18

5 Jan. 1967

From Karate with Love

East meets West in this episode when the men of Fort Courage offer sanctuary for a young Japanese woman who is fleeing an arranged marriage with a man she does not love. This is good for O’Rourke and Agarn who want the tribe to start manufacturing Kimonos, parasols, and fans but don’t plan on a Samurai warrior who is determined to bring her back to Japan where she will fulfill her destiny and marry.


S2, Ep19

12 Jan. 1967

The Sergeant and the Kid

A ten year old boy shows up at Fort Courage and wants to join up.


S2, Ep20

19 Jan. 1967

What Are You Doing After the Massacre?

A 147 year old Hekawi chief wants the land that Fort Courage sits on and lays siege to the fort.


S2, Ep21

26 Jan. 1967

A Horse of Another Color

The wild horse that the Captain wants to capture for Jane, O’Rourke wants to sell to the circus.


S2, Ep22

2 Feb. 1967

V Is for Vampire

Count Sforza, an emigrant from Transylvania, arrives in town. He comes in a hearse, has pale skin and has a crow he calls « Brother. » The men of F-Troop suspect he may be a vampire, given the count’s tendency to say, « Good evening, » regardless of the time of day. When Jane can’t be found, O’Rourke, Agarn and the Captain decide to check out Sforza’s spooky mansion.


S2, Ep23

9 Feb. 1967

That’s Show Biz

Agarn leaves the Army to manage a rock band called the Bedbugs.


S2, Ep24

16 Feb. 1967

The Day They Shot Agarn

Agarn faces the firing squad after the prisoner in his care escapes and kills Sergeant O’Rourke.


S2, Ep25

23 Feb. 1967

Only One Russian Is Coming! Only One Russian Is Coming!

Agarn’s Russian cossack cousin falls for Wrangler Jane.


S2, Ep26

2 Mar. 1967

Guns, Guns, Who’s Got the Guns?

The Captain goes on a spy mission to find out who’s selling guns to the Indians.


S2, Ep27

9 Mar. 1967

Marriage, Fort Courage Style

A marriage broker comes to town scaring both Corporal Agarn and Captain Parmenter.


S2, Ep28

16 Mar. 1967

Carpetbagging, Anyone?

A man comes to town, buys the land that Fort Courage is on and then plans to throw out F Troop.


S2, Ep29

23 Mar. 1967

The Majority of Wilton

Wilton is eligible for promotion to Major, but first he must pass a rigorous examination. His attempts at study are jeopardized by a bad cold and various home remedies.


S2, Ep30

30 Mar. 1967

Our Brave in F Troop

Chief Wild Eagle is hiding at Fort Courage to visit the Army dentist; however a visiting general is impressed by this « soldier » and keeps promoting him.


S2, Ep31

6 Apr. 1967

Is This Fort Really Necessary?

An officer known for closing down forts comes to Fort Courage to get married.


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