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Famous Ackers and Places

These are some famous and not so famous Ackers
and place names !

Hall –
Hall Avenue which is near Roby on the road between Prescott and Liverpool is
named after Ackers Hall, to which the avenue led. It was the Dower House of Lady
Molyneaux, widow of Sir Patrick Molyneaux in 1568. A lot of the Ackers in the
early church records of the 1600s for Lancashire are from around this area,
which includes Roby, Huyton, Whiston, Prescot and Rainhill.

Ackers ( 1752 – 1824 ) –
Was described as
the ‘father of the silk trade’ in Manchester and built Lark Hill Mansion on the
site of what is now Salford
Museum and Art Gallery. In 1792 he was Boroughreeve of Manchester, later he
was Deputy Lieutenant for Lancashire and in 1800 was appointed High
Sheriff of Lancashire, 
a rare honour for those associated with trade at that time. On the outbreak of
the Napoleonic Wars he became Colonel of the 1st Regiment of the Manchester and
Salford Volunteers and was probably the only full colonel of a voluntary

Ackers of
Moreton Hall – The Ackers
of Moreton Hall, Congleton, Cheshire were  landed gentry who also
appear to be responsible for various other buildings in the area such as Christ
Church, Wheelock, Sandbach. It is probable that this family and James Ackers
from above are part of the same family. There is also an Ackers Crossing in the
same area.

Ackers of Prinknash
Abbey – James
Ackers of Larkhill who had been a member of Parliament for Ludlow since 1841 and
must be related to the James Ackers above, bought Prinknash
Abbey, Cranham, Gloucestershire in 1847. He died in 1865 and
was succeeded by his son, Benjamin St. John Ackers.

and Bickershaw Colliery –  The
first pits to be sunk at Bickershaw near Wigan were in the late 1830s, when
there was a colliery there worked by Turner Ackers Co. later Ackers and Co. and
later still, Ackers, Whitley and Co. There are various web site references to
these pits,  a good one is the Abram
Community Link that includes various Ackers references, including a Mrs
Ackers of Bickershaw Hall and a Charles P. Ackers. Possible links to the Wigan
1700s Ackers needs some investigation ?

Pit – Ackers
Pit is a fishing lake and wildlife area near Warrington, it is situated
between Ackers Road and Ackers Lane, it obviously has something to do with
Ackers somewhere along the line ?

William Ackers – The
Ackers was a ship built at Cumberland in 1836 and
appears in records docking in Africa, Australia and New Zealand  before it
was wrecked at Waipapa Point, New Zealand on 12th December
1876 with the loss of eight lives. There are also various records of a William
Ackers, Merchant, sailing to New York and then living in South America. He
is listed sailing in and out of Liverpool at various stages so maybe it was his
ship originally ?

Row –  There are a few
records on the internet that must be from the 1881 census listing the address of
Ackers Row, Hindley Green ( Wigan ). This could be involved with our line of the
Ackers family as the children and grandchildren  of Hamlet
Ackers are listed as born in Hindley in late 1770 / early 1800s.





Peter Ackers 1800 – Ackers Family – Tripod

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